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Amazing app!

I love the Face ID. It’s the best!!

Does what it should

Easy to use and simple. Don’t know why they changed the payment options. I liked it the way before

Hate having to enter a code

If I’m using Touch ID, why do I THEN also have to enter a code I’m receiving by text or email. I HATE this extra step that offers no w tea security! Authenticating by my fingerprint is more secure than entering a code. Waste of time.

Very nice app

Closely mirrors their new web site. Works well with Face ID on iPhone X.

Capital One

As a first time user I found it very helpful and easy to use. My only problem was the offering for other security settings and how to make them. I could use more information about the how and why in selecting another option and deleting or changing to a new option. Except for that I would have given the app a 5 star rating.

Great credit card

Easy to use anywhere. App provides easy access to my account. Always notified of balance and credit score

Great app

Super user friendly. Easy to view payment history and schedule future payments. Love it!!!

Quick and Easy!

Capital One app is quick and easy with everything at your fingertips! And I love Credit Wise!


Makes monthly payment and tracking easy!!




Get my card here


Service and information beyond expectations!


Great app makes keeping current and tracking spending right at the ease of your fingertips. Thank you!


Very easy to use and the functionality of the app is easy peasy


Fast & Easy thank you for this reliable application 😎✌🏽

Love the app

Simple to use. Have had no issues and can deposit checks with my phone. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Straightforward, easy to use

Makes reviewing my account and its activity quick and simple, and making payments is a breeze! I recommend it!

You guys are a breath of fresh aire

Ive been with capital one for almost 2 yrs, it is with great pleasure when I say majority of my account are with capital one. They have provided a great service up until this point..thumbs up!!!!


Keeps freezing and crashing

Best app

Love this


Good app!

Credit of Rewards Not Working

Since the last update, I haven’t been able to apply my rewards via the app. Please fix this.

Capitol one app review

The app is laid out very logically and is simple to use. The security features of it are great. It’s the perfect app to keep track of your money throughout the day.

Mike T

Great app use it every day.

Great job

Amazing app


I love it !!!! I’m so glad someone invented it !!!!!




Excellent app

User friendly

I like how you can all accounts in one page & super easy to check card activity


Time Efficient

The Right Stuff

I love how easy it is to use. Everting you want to know about your account at your fingertips.

Very happy

I love using this app! Easy to use and it's never crashed on me! Would recommend to anyone.

Excellent Service

The app is easy to use and very informative.


Good app

Great App!!!

This APP is a great way to save time when you’re looking for account details and ways to pay faster.

No issues

I have no issues with this app. Very functional, it answers the question I have about my account. Thank you!

App is so smooth

One of the best apps I’ve ever used financially. Payments always work. App always works.


Thanks very much

Instant info

Really like the ability to see what charges are pending. Great ap!

Capital One

Easy to use & understand. Everything in one place.


Great application, easy to navigate :)


Love this app!!


Clean and professional app


This app is great. I deal with multiple banks and most of the banks I deal with do not have the luxury of this sort of app.


User friendly ... a little late on the updates but overall very easy to navigate



Love this app

I wish all my apps were this easy!! Makes my life easier.

a breeze to use

inquiry across products is effortless, so intuitive

Love it

Very easy to use!!!


Love the app and how it lets you know when your payment is due. Other credit card apps do not have this. Love that feature so I’m never late to pay my card.

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