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Very Convenient!

Very Convenient!

Great Dicreet Peoplr

The fact that I can bank online and there are a couple of low key branches ( that have ATM’S that can handle most transactions) makes it that much more appealing to me.

Needs improvement

There isn’t enough snapshot information on the sign in screen. It would be much more helpful to see available credit as well as being able to make a payment as soon as your cardholders are signed in.

Super easy to use!

No complaints.

Besttt App Everrr

Love it so convenient

Don’t get it

Is it just me or this app is just so confused and it wont open unless im on WIFI. I cannot see my balance or make payments, can someone tell me if it just me????

Great app!

Have been using it for only a few hours but very easy to use and see all accounts at a glance.


Great app user friendly


Always works great and easy to use .

Great app

Have had no issues with this app. I can navigate around and do what I need to do. Check my balances, make payments. Love it


Love this app!!!!!

Great app

I really like this app

Great app

Easy to control and check balance is to pay and everything is great

Great app


Good App

This app is simple and easy to navigate.I highly recommend it for these two reasons alone.Good job Capital One!

New user

Extremely convenient and will help build my credit. This app is very informative!


Very easy to use. Nice to see your information right at hand. Too bad it took me so long to use. I was missing out. Thank you. Great app.

Great app

Great app

Helpful and easy to use.

So glad I have the app.


Great app especially when i am traveling.

The best

I have never had such an amazing, quick connection with my credit card company. The ap gives me instant access and the bank and its features gives me the best overall experience in my 50 credit card using years

Review 👍

This app is so easy to use, it makes me dislike others! 👍

Ease of Use

This app is so user friendly. It has everything I need at my fingertip.

Great app

I can access my info anytime. I get an alert every time there is a charge. Provides a good level of security.

Unable to Log in

It’s a great app but since I upgraded my my OS to 12.0.1 and updated the app on my phone, it doesn’t launch on my phone anymore. I click on it and after a while it shuts down. Please rectify this issue soon. I’m currently out of the country and this is really a wrench in my plans and I’m almost being ground to a hunt.


I love this app and have 3 capital one cards of different types. All three card are shown on home page with balance, amount of credit available and rewards points. Easy to pay either one time or set up auto payments. I love it!

Great app



I love that Capital One sends a notice to your phone as soon as you make any purchase. Where / When / Amount - gets sent you at time of purchase. AWESOME!!

Great App!

Navigating through app is easy and very informative.

Very helpful

One best way to review your use.

Capital one app.

Great application love it. Gives current on time accurate account info. Also the credit wise portion helps you keep up with your credit rating and any changes affecting your standing.

Great app and great Card

The app works well and has all the features I need no computer logins necessary.

Mr star ceo

Dry good

Great app!

Really easy to use

Very convenient app

App is very handy

Works fine

Have had no issues

Easy to use

One of the friendliest sites to use. There’s nothing complicated. I’m in my very late 60’s so if I can use it without any stress, anyone can!!



Best Bank App

Thanks for letting me be a member of the team. Love the app.

Love this bank

I love this bank so much

Easy to use no nonsense app

The Capital One app is straightforward, easy to use, and makes banking more convenient.


I have had no problem using the app and if I had questions, they we there to help.

Roberto Soto

Cómoda y completa

Easy simple access

Like it very much it’s very convenient!

Log in

It never lets you log in. Always says there’s a network error no matter what right when you open the app. I’ve deleted it and downloaded it again. Still doesn’t work. Makes me not even want to use capital one if they can’t make an app that works and make paying your bill seamless.

Makes life easy

Can do multiple user accounts which simplified things

I love this app!

Keep it up! Truly convenient


Awful, half of the options don’t work. “Looks like we hit a snag” for everything.

Capital one app

Very nice to have on the go, plus they let you know of any odd changes going on with your account.

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